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As a beautiful island country within the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is full of lively scenery and luxurious suburbs. Looking at the tourism photos, you can realize why people consider it the ideal place to find a residence and retire. You can go for contemporary-style apartments with a five-minute walk to the nearest social centre or an isolated beach paradise where you can see the sunset over the waves.

Still, those looking to live or invest in Mauritius real estate might require help deciding which neighbourhoods suit their needs and lifestyle. If you’re one of them, this is just a guide you need. Here’s a list of Mauritius’s best neighbourhoods that can narrow your search for your dream abode.

Why Should You Consider Neighborhoods Before Buying Property?

The neighborhood of any property plays a vital role in determining how you might experience the country. Here are a few factors that it directly affects.

  • Access to amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.
  • Geographic convenience, with roads or beaches close to the property.
  • Demographics of the surrounding area.
  • The density of buildings, parks, and other structures.
  • Average climatic conditions within the region.

Best Neighborhoods in Mauritius to Live and Invest In

Now that you realize why neighborhoods are essential to any property, here are a few ones that you can consider to buy some real estate in Mauritius.


Originally a fishing village located on the west coast of Mauritius, Tamarin became a prime holiday destination for tourists looking for some surfing or hiking action. It has incredible beaches on one side and tall mountains on the other. The nightlife is also quite exciting, with several events occurring all year round. The average price of any land within Tamarin is around INR 8000 per square meter.

Grand Baie

The Grand Baie area was initially developed as a summer retreat by the early Dutch settlers in the 17th century. It has been a prime tourism location within the country ever since. Grand Baie covers whether you prefer scuba diving or have a shopping bug. Several existing and in-development projects allow for places to reside in or invest in offering temporary residences to all tourists.

The nightlife is also lively, with notable bars like the Banana Cafe and the Buddha Bar hosting parties all night. As one of the most expensive neighborhoods within Mauritius, it can cost you INR 38,000 per square meter to own real estate in Grand Baie.


If you’re looking for a family-friendly escapade, Pereybere is the ideal beachside location. The shoreline is only a few kilometers long but includes the most diverse and family-safe activities for any visitor. You can leave your kids for a sea walk beneath the surface while you and your significant other enjoy a romantic dinner at any high-end restaurant nearby.

Another factor you can consider is the diverse real estate and lack of crowds. You can rent or purchase an apartment, a 3, 4, or 5-star hotel, or a restaurant with fresh seafood available all year round. The average residential land price in Pereybere is around $145 per square meter.

Flic en Flac

You can find Flic en Flac on the Western coast of Mauritius. It was a fishing village for more than 200 years before people realized the value of an isolated beachhead within a one-hour journey from the capital. Today, Flic en Flac is the go-to for travelers looking for quiet time while accessing various amenities and pleasant nightlife.

There are several real estate options in Flic en Flac. You can choose anything from a 3-star hotel to a luxury beachside villa. The weather is pleasant all year round, saving you plenty of air conditioning. Due to the limited area, the price for developed real estate is quite steep, and you can expect to pay an average of INR 47,500 for every square meter.

Port Louis

The capital city of Mauritius offers a diverse range of distractions you can’t possibly experience even within a month’s stay. There is a diverse demographic, with the culture often changing every few blocks. One moment you’re walking down a busy street in Chinatown, and the next, you’re standing at the gates of the gracious Jummah Mosque.

Port Louis is the country’s largest port, meaning the neighbourhood has both residential and official buildings. As such, real estate prices are steep. An average square meter of a developed residential area can cost INR 34,000, while commercial space costs around $340 per square meter.

Short Summary

There are several neighbourhoods in Mauritius, but investing in the right ones can ensure a lucrative long-term return. Even if any of the areas mentioned above might not currently have the real estate you’re looking for, it helps to keep an eye on the development projects. Given time, you can get a luxurious abode for yourself or any tourists who visit the island escape.

Best Neighbourhoods in Mauritius to Live and Invest In

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