Where to Stay in Mauritius in October?

Beach beds, umbrella and jetty on the beach in Mauritius Island

Mauritius is a tropical paradise with the essence of turquoise water in the form of the Indian Ocean and an enchanting island. Mauritius is an island with breath taking landscapes, beaches that are pristine in nature, and the people with the warmth in their nature. Everything you see and adhere to in Mauritius is filled with welcoming gestures.

Whether you are there for hiking trails, waterfalls, rainforests, or wildlife, it is a great destination for the month of October. It is a dream destination for many travelers from around the globe for a marvelous and unforgettable vacation of their lives. The best time of the year to travel over there is the month of October. It marks the start of the summer on this breathtaking island where the weather stays delightful.

It is an ideal time for your stay and exploration journey based on the likings you have. We have a complete guide for your stay in the best area possible to stay in Mauritius during October. It includes the characteristics of the regions, like accommodation as well as private houses, hotels, villas, and bungalows. Following, we have some detailed options for you to stay:

Cool Retreat of East and South

Beach and resort on the east coast of Mauritius.

The people who are astonished by the refreshing climate will enjoy their time in a cool retreat of Mauritius’s East and South areas. With the Lush greenery of this region and boasting beaches, areas like these act as a great escape from the warm temperatures of summers to a cooler area.

Trou d’Eau Douce and Belle Mare

With the Eastern coast location, Belle Mare and the Trou d’Eau Douce have some of the most astonishing beaches of white sand and turquoise rivers on the island. A sense of tranquility and quiet is ideal for resting and recharging. Explore the rich marine life under the waves with water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in one of the many beachfront villas and five-star hotels with spectacular ocean views.

Bel Ombre and Souillac

As one travels south, the landscape becomes more solitary among the cliffs, stunning waterfalls, and the Souillac & Bel Ombre pristine wilderness. Visitors looking to get in touch with life on a more profound level can head to one of these areas. Take strolls along the shore to learn about the landscape and culture and find off-the-beaten-path jewels. Renting a private property in one of these areas is a great way to escape it all in a beautiful setting.

The warmth of North and West with Adventure

Mauritius’ North and West districts are your best bet for a holiday combining relaxing time in the sun with exciting new experiences. If this sounds like your ideal getaway, read on. These regions provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of the thrilling pursuits and vivid cultures they are famous for.

Grand Baie

Grand Baie serves as a lively tourist hotspot that offers a wide variety of entertainment alternatives and is located in the north of the island. It is impossible to find a city with a more dynamic nightlife than this one. Hip nightclubs, live music locations, and beautiful restaurants provide various dining experiences.

Spend the day wandering the quaint streets, indulging in retail therapy, and visiting the neighborhood markets to pick up some souvenirs. You can immerse yourself in the lively environment of Grand Baie by staying in one of the many comfortable bungalows, magnificent villas, or contemporary hotels that are available.


Pereybere, located not far from Grand Baie, is home to a gorgeous public beach with clear, turquoise seas and a vibrant, fun environment that makes it a popular spot for water sports. You may swim and bask in the sun on the beautiful beach, and nearby you’ll find plenty of places to eat delicious regional specialties. Villa rentals in this area are a great way to experience the area like a native while also taking advantage of the region’s breathtaking scenery.

Houses and Cottages

You can’t get more isolated than staying in a private home or cottage in Mauritius. In addition to the stunning scenery surrounding the island’s perimeter, many homes also have private pools and other relaxing amenities. In October, when temperatures are mild, and sunshine is plentiful, villa accommodations are ideal for families, couples, and friends looking for privacy.

Tamarin and Flic en Flac

Dolphin viewing tours are popular in the areas of Tamarin as well as Flic en Flac, which are located on the west side of Mauritius. These areas provide chances for a variety of water activities, including surfing, kiteboarding, and snorkelling, and are thus ideal for individuals who are enthusiastic about experiencing new and exciting things.

Daytime may be spent snorkeling or lounging on the beautiful beaches, while the evenings can be spent taking in the breathtaking sunsets across the Indian Ocean. Whether you opt for lodging in a luxurious hotel or a beachside villa, you will have the opportunity to wake up to stunning vistas and the roar of crashing waves.

Accommodation Options

Since October marks the beginning of a new tourist season in Mauritius, the island has a wide variety of lodging alternatives to suit a wide range of preferences and budgets. You’ll be able to choose the ideal place to stay to match your ideal holiday, whether you seek the seclusion and cozy atmosphere of a private villa or the abundant conveniences of a five-star hotel.

Best Neighbourhoods in Mauritius to Live and Invest In

Jetty silhouette against sunset in Mauritius

As a beautiful island country within the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is full of lively scenery and luxurious suburbs. Looking at the tourism photos, you can realize why people consider it the ideal place to find a residence and retire. You can go for contemporary-style apartments with a five-minute walk to the nearest social centre or an isolated beach paradise where you can see the sunset over the waves.

Still, those looking to live or invest in Mauritius real estate might require help deciding which neighbourhoods suit their needs and lifestyle. If you’re one of them, this is just a guide you need. Here’s a list of Mauritius’s best neighbourhoods that can narrow your search for your dream abode.

Why Should You Consider Neighborhoods Before Buying Property?

The neighborhood of any property plays a vital role in determining how you might experience the country. Here are a few factors that it directly affects.

  • Access to amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.
  • Geographic convenience, with roads or beaches close to the property.
  • Demographics of the surrounding area.
  • The density of buildings, parks, and other structures.
  • Average climatic conditions within the region.

Best Neighborhoods in Mauritius to Live and Invest In

Now that you realize why neighborhoods are essential to any property, here are a few ones that you can consider to buy some real estate in Mauritius.


Originally a fishing village located on the west coast of Mauritius, Tamarin became a prime holiday destination for tourists looking for some surfing or hiking action. It has incredible beaches on one side and tall mountains on the other. The nightlife is also quite exciting, with several events occurring all year round. The average price of any land within Tamarin is around INR 8000 per square meter.

Grand Baie

The Grand Baie area was initially developed as a summer retreat by the early Dutch settlers in the 17th century. It has been a prime tourism location within the country ever since. Grand Baie covers whether you prefer scuba diving or have a shopping bug. Several existing and in-development projects allow for places to reside in or invest in offering temporary residences to all tourists.

The nightlife is also lively, with notable bars like the Banana Cafe and the Buddha Bar hosting parties all night. As one of the most expensive neighborhoods within Mauritius, it can cost you INR 38,000 per square meter to own real estate in Grand Baie.


If you’re looking for a family-friendly escapade, Pereybere is the ideal beachside location. The shoreline is only a few kilometers long but includes the most diverse and family-safe activities for any visitor. You can leave your kids for a sea walk beneath the surface while you and your significant other enjoy a romantic dinner at any high-end restaurant nearby.

Another factor you can consider is the diverse real estate and lack of crowds. You can rent or purchase an apartment, a 3, 4, or 5-star hotel, or a restaurant with fresh seafood available all year round. The average residential land price in Pereybere is around $145 per square meter.

Flic en Flac

You can find Flic en Flac on the Western coast of Mauritius. It was a fishing village for more than 200 years before people realized the value of an isolated beachhead within a one-hour journey from the capital. Today, Flic en Flac is the go-to for travelers looking for quiet time while accessing various amenities and pleasant nightlife.

There are several real estate options in Flic en Flac. You can choose anything from a 3-star hotel to a luxury beachside villa. The weather is pleasant all year round, saving you plenty of air conditioning. Due to the limited area, the price for developed real estate is quite steep, and you can expect to pay an average of INR 47,500 for every square meter.

Port Louis

The capital city of Mauritius offers a diverse range of distractions you can’t possibly experience even within a month’s stay. There is a diverse demographic, with the culture often changing every few blocks. One moment you’re walking down a busy street in Chinatown, and the next, you’re standing at the gates of the gracious Jummah Mosque.

Port Louis is the country’s largest port, meaning the neighbourhood has both residential and official buildings. As such, real estate prices are steep. An average square meter of a developed residential area can cost INR 34,000, while commercial space costs around $340 per square meter.

Short Summary

There are several neighbourhoods in Mauritius, but investing in the right ones can ensure a lucrative long-term return. Even if any of the areas mentioned above might not currently have the real estate you’re looking for, it helps to keep an eye on the development projects. Given time, you can get a luxurious abode for yourself or any tourists who visit the island escape.

An Ultimate Guide to Investing In Mauritius Real Estate

beautiful house with sea view at Grand Baie

The real estate market is hitting some brick walls as of late. With many crucial regions becoming unstable and inflation rates at an all-time high, it can be worrying about investing in any real estate of late. However, there is a tropical paradise that can offer you just what you’re looking for and more should you want to keep things long-term.

Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, has managed to stave off the worst real estate crisis despite being a crucial logistics hub. So, what does the Mauritius real estate market have to offer? Read through this detailed guide and find out.

A Brief Overview of the Mauritian Real Estate Market

Mauritius has a diverse demographic. A large portion of the financial influx comes from South Africa and France. Moreover, as the country opened up after the pandemic, several high-end projects resumed construction, and numerous others saw renovation. As a result, the government has nearly 60% of the total developed area dedicated to tourism.

Therefore, Mauritius offers a unique proposition for investors looking for great returns from niche villas and condos. Unlike New York, where most high-rise apartments remain empty, you can expect tenants or permanent residents in any property in Mauritius, especially those looking to travel after a stressful time.

There is a broad range of prices with properties in Mauritius , ranging from $300,000 to $5.5 million, depending on the property you want. For example, you can choose a beachside villa with a driveway for an ATV or an inland townhouse next to lush fields. There are also lucrative tax benefits that you’ll get to know later in this guide.

Some of the Highest Appreciating and Best Neighbourhoods in Mauritius

You can’t go wrong with most properties in Mauritius. Still, there are some neighbourhoods with high appreciation that you need to consider. A few of them include the following.

● Grand Baie

● Poste de Flacq

● Rose Belle

● Pointe aux Piments

● Tombeau Bay

Top 8 Reasons to Invest in the Mauritius Real Estate Market

While the price range and the weather are enough to maintain interest, several other factors might entice you to invest in the real estate sector in Mauritius. A few notable ones include:

A Booming Tourism Industry

Tourism is a significant contributor to Mauritius’ GDP. People from developed countries may go to Cannes or Portugal, but many from countries like India and Jordan book a flight ticket to Mauritius. The country suffered plenty due to pandemic-induced travel restrictions, but today, an average of 4,000 tourists are arriving daily. It not only gives you opportunities with rentals but also clears a path for promoting various brands that can sponsor you through that property.

Fair Prices for Premium Properties

Niche properties like condos and townhouses in Mauritius are typically less expensive than those in Australia or Europe. Also, many of them are recently undergoing restoration, which can help you find a premium villa at a massive discount. There are a few excellent options in and around Rose Belle that you can get for less than $800,000.

Close Ties to France

Mauritius is a former colony occupied by the Netherlands, France, and Great Britain before the country gained independence in 1968. Thus, it has close ties to several European nations, particularly France. In addition, the legal structure closely follows the French government, and you don’t need a separate visa to travel to France. So, if you possess real estate in Mauritius, you can travel across various Schengen countries like France, Belgium, Germany, and Portugal for up to 90 days annually.

Incentives for Eco-Friendly Measures

The Mauritian government focuses on preserving the natural resources that let it thrive in its tourism industry. As a result, it has numerous laws in place to reward property owners if they decide to invest in eco-friendly measures. That is why you’ll find many homes with solar water heaters, jacuzzis run by tidal energy, and rental EVs at attractive discounts.

Beautiful White Sandy Beaches

Exotic tropical beaches of splendid Mauritius island

Mauritius has a beautiful coastline that offers spectacular views and various water activities throughout the year. The sunsets are breath-taking, which most shore-set residents want after a long workday. Few people are even interested in taking a boat off the jetty and exploring flora and fauna on nearby islands.

Calm and Peaceful Locale

Mauritius makes the perfect choice if you plan to retire somewhere safe and far from the city rush life. It has never seen an all-out conflict in decades and is often a neutral location in the global political landscape. In addition, the locals are very tolerant of outsiders, considering that most descend from Christian and Hindu immigrants from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Numerous Tax Benefits

Mauritius has a simple and lenient tax scheme for people looking to purchase real estate. There is a flat 5% tax on the purchase of property and a 15% standard tax on income. And that’s it—no tax on capital gains or housing. You can pass on any property as an inheritance without paying a cent to the government. Any sale or transfer of property also levies a 5% taxation cap.

Strategic Supply Lines

If you know anything about logistics, then you know that Mauritius is an advantageous location. The seaport region in Port Louis is one of the most significant economic zones. That is why property investments in storage, like warehouses, also promise substantial returns.

Intelligent Tips for Mauritius Real Estate Investors

Now that you know what real estate Mauritius is all about, let’s take a few valuable tips you can utilise to make the most of your investments.

Determine Your Target Demographic

You should thoroughly study the people you’re going to rent or sell your property to. There is a wide margin between young adults who want necessities on a budget and retirees looking to relax in luxury finally.

Look Up the Latest Development Projects Before Purchase

As mentioned above, various projects around the country are either resuming or undergoing renovation. It can help you choose a less expensive property today and provide you with excellent returns in the future. Such real estate is often not found online, so you can book a ticket and explore the condition on the ground in person.

Keep an Eye on the French Real Estate Schemes

Mauritius has several real estate schemes similar to what you find with French coastal properties. Thus, the trends in France can help you determine whether it will happen in Mauritius over the next few years. It is a great idea to subscribe to French real estate newsletters to understand their upcoming Mauritian counterparts.


Investing in the real estate in Mauritius involves going off the beaten path. Now that the country is reviving its tourism industry, it is the gold rush for the prospectors who know how to look for gold in the best manner. If you wish to follow up on this guide, you take that first crucial step. Visit the official websites real estate websites that will grant you every asset you may need.

Beginner’s guide to investing in real estate

Real estate agent with house key

Real estate investing is not merely a game for the rich but can make you rich if done right. It is regarded as one of the safest investments offering excellent returns for creating a steady stream of passive income and securing your financial life.

The options are unlimited when it comes to investing in real estate, where you sit wondering whether to buy the house you live in, get a rental property, or go big flipping house.

Either you delve into financial literature with a highlighter and become overwhelmed by each author’s diverse points of view, or stay with us for an Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Real Estate.

5 Best Ways to get started with real estate investing

Raw Land

Raw land is a vacant piece of land intended to be used in the future to build houses, offices, and public utilities. Investing in raw land may not pay off immediately like rental properties, but it is a secure option for long-term profit. Land value is increasing since people will never stop needing a place to live and work.

You may not want to start your investing career dealing with tenant problems, maintenance issues, and unexpected breakdowns. Raw land does not require much maintenance and comes with minimum competition. Also, no one can damage or steal your property, so you can ease off while your property value increases daily.

Buying raw land always keeps you in charge of calling your shots and holding the property until your anticipated quote is called. Or you can choose to build your new home, office, or retail store.

Single-family houses

The single-family house is not just a great investment option in the real estate world but an effective way to create positive cash flow. Wall Street has invested head over heels in buying single-family houses since people have moved from apartments to single-family houses more frequently since 2021.

Newbies can invest in a single-family house to quickly find tenants at a reasonable rate with low maintenance requirements compared to a multifamily home.


One of the most prominent investors and businessmen, Warren Buffet, said:” Never test the depth of the river with both feet.” If real estate is a financial ocean and you are a beginner in swimming, apartments are like an inflatable vest to make you float seamlessly.

Experts argue that investing in multiple apartments is an excellent way to diversify the investment rather than pooling it all in one multifamily house. It gives owners more control over demanding the rent and reinvesting the monthly income into buying more apartments to establish an impressive cash stream.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

Property value
Property value

REIT is a hassle-free option for diversifying your investment by becoming part of the pool to buy large real estates properties like large apartment buildings, shopping plazas, and multifamily houses. It works like stocks but with lesser risk and a reliable uphill graph of monthly profits.

If you pool in with a group to buy REITs for a building and its value increases the next day, you can go and sell your REITs to earn a profit. No need to have sleepless nights worrying about protecting your physical property and regretting your inclusion in real estate.

There is no need to have millions in the bank to invest in real estate. REITs are available for as low as $1000, with excellent flexibility, transparency, and return on investment.

Commercial Investments

Commercial investments refer to buying office buildings, warehouses, business outlets, and industrial property. It is a perfect option if you have money in your pocket and time in hand because commercial investment is a bold option that requires capital and regular follow-ups.

Commercial properties will provide excellent capital appreciation value, higher leverage, and rapid equity growth than other investment options.

They may rapidly become a nuisance, so be prepared to take charge, and then nothing can stop you from dominating the real estate market.

3 Effective Ways for Beginners to Invest in Real Estate

House Flipping

House flipping is a fun way to test renovation skills to return impressive profits quickly. Find a house in dilapidated condition, invest your time, effort, and money to revamp the look to meet the contemporary architecture and seamless functionality, and then flip a profit by reselling it at a profit margin.

Short-term Rentals

Short-time rentals include a property where tenants move in and out frequently, such as Airbnb, VRBO, and vacation resorts. The rent for these properties is much more than long-term rentals, generating a more significant income at the end of the month. Plus, owners decide the maximum number of days with a chance to get more rent each time. However, it needs regular maintenance and is less stable than regular rentals.

Buy and Hold

If you don’t have time or are too lazy to repair the house and sell it, let time do the valuation for you. Buy and hold is an old-school investment technique where buyers purchase a property and wait for several years to sell the property at a boosted price owing to inflation, development projects, and an increase in demand.


Most financial experts consider investing in Real Estate a better option than going for stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Real Estate presented the 5 best ways to start your career in real estate along with three effective investment techniques.

Choose your investment option according to the time and effort you can devote to this subject, and success will follow you at every step.

Mauritius Guide 2021

Often referred to as the star of the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius lies around 2000 Kms off the South East coast of Africa. The volcanic island has rocky peaks, lakes, and sugar cane plantation. The most attractive feature for tourists is the 320 Kms coastline with white sandy beaches and the gleaming blue seas. The island does only 67 km from north to south and from the East to the West, 45 Kms.

Port Louis is the main city and capital of Mauritius. The towns to mention are Vacoas-Phoenix, Beau Bassin- Rose-Hill, Curepipe and Quatre Bornes. The villages nowadays have many facilities and equals the quality of living compared to the towns. There are around 134 villages in Mauritius.

Mauritius is a destination for tourists all year round. The weather is consistently warm and sunny climate. The Summer period is from November to April while the winter runs from May to October. The temperature varies from 22 deg C in winter up to 35 deg C in Summer.

English is the official language, but French and Creole are commonly spoken. The Mauritian people come of mixed Indian, Chinese, African and French and creates a multi-cultural society. These multi-cultural influences can be seen all over the island in culture, history, architecture, and food.