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Here are 5 ideas to boost sales at your car wash

1) Texting

75% of our customers visit us less than 3 times a year. 58% only come once a year. So, texting is a direct communication link to your customers. It is a compelling way to communicate with them and encourage them to return more often.

People talk a lot about e-mail marketing. I am not saying that e-mail is dead, but when we get a text, we still look at it & read it!

Next, how do we get phone numbers from these customers, and how do we send them a text? Consequently, we get to point number 2

2) Loyalty Program

When they pull up to the pay station, we can prompt the customer to join a loyalty program that points to a free wash. You can assign different point values to different wash purchases and determine how many points need to be earned to receive a free wash.

We can ask customers to join loyalty programs to receive promotional coupons via text.

Once we have the database of phone numbers, we can send a text to non-members & give them deals and incentives to come and join on a limited plan or get some discount upon purchase.

For example, you can send a text message to all non-members on a Saturday for a one-off code for MUR 100 off any wash on that day. You can do that within minutes, right from the back office.

For example, you can also send a text automatically when someone purchases a club plan. You can send a text to the customer, thanking the person for joining the membership and have a link to activate their membership online, prompting them to install your app. No need for additional staff as the Pay Station takes care of everything.

3) Retargeting

When we put up a plan, we typically cast them to a radius of 5 km to our wash. Then, we track to see who engages with the app, put them into a different bucket, and start advertising to that smaller audience of warmer leads. This time, the Ads are more direct since we know they have already seen the previous Ad. Now, with phone numbers captured at the pay station, we can pull up the list of customers who are not members and send them Ads as a custom audience.

I know these people who have been to our car wash but are not yet unlimited members. Make sure that we exclude the already existing members so that we are not losing money to already existing members. Having the database at hand and having the phone numbers makes it easy to remarket the customers.

4) Fund Raising

Fundraising programs are top-rated, and those who have done it in the past do it again. You build up a program where you give out a group or church, a universal code. When these codes come back to us at the PlayStation, we give the group MUR 50 per transaction. We turn those local groups into sales agents for us. We make it fun and easy for them to raise money for their group. You run a campaign for 6 months. In the end, you can print out the report of the total sales and the donation percentage and cut the cheque.

Then we take a picture of the receiving giant cheque and post it on social media. So you can build it up & have in it every church group, band group, and athletic team running around promoting your wash.

5) Smart Digital Ad Campaign

A compelling way to boost sales is to advertise and track the ROI. We place our Ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. We promote a deal with a button to click the deal. When they click, they go to a landing page where you present the code. They take the code & bring it back to the pay station. You track how many times the code gets redeemed at the PlayStation. Each code is unique to the Ad. As a result, we know which Ad platform performed the best, which helps us calculate the ROI.

6) Sales Commission Tracking

We can encourage our employees to sell unlimited membership at the pay station. The latter system utilizes bar codes. Each employee has a bar code you can print on a card. Then, when an attendant makes some membership sales, you can run a report for the commissions and submit it to payroll.

We hope we have given you some new ideas to boost sales at your new wash.

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