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As a sustainable responsible firm, involvement in social issues and participation in community projects have been part of our corporate fabric since the creation of the company back in 1993. Over time IFS has elaborated an integrated approach to involve its people to actively participate in community development projects.

In 2004, the IFS Foundation was set up to consolidate all the activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A CSR Committee was set up in 2011 to reinforce the effort of the Foundation by setting the appropriate framework for its activities. Some 50 staff, across all levels, act as CSR volunteers, investing their time and delivering on contributing to the noble causes we support.

The CSR committee focuses on 5 key areas, which we believe will make a sustainable difference in the lives of our fellow citizens. These are:

  1. Alleviation of poverty
  2. Social Housing
  3. Education and Training
  4. Women Empowerment
  5. Entrepreneurship for micro, small and medium companies

In addition, IFS is setting up the IFS Community Care Foundation which will become operational toward the end of 2017. The Foundation's main objective will be to facilitate the education of less fortunate children.