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Taxis in Mauritius are quite simple to find because the island is so spread out, making it convenient for tourists to hail one when they need one. In Mauritius, there are two kinds of taxis: shared and tourist. Tourist taxis are for tourists. Shared taxis are for locals. Taxis catering to tourists are all over the island and must comply with the rules and regulations of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.

These taxis have a yellow badge on both the front doors’ right and left sides with their detailed place of operation. They also have a yellow roof light affixed to the top of their cars. If you don’t find all these badges on a car, they are not approved by taxi operators. Shared taxis are more cost-effective and operate practically nonstop on busy routes, with departures occurring after the vehicle is completely occupied.

Imagine that you want to find a means to get from the airport in Mauritius to the city centre or any other location on the island that is not only fast but also comfortable and easy. If this is the case, taking a taxi around Mauritius is the best option.

Other transport Facilities

The island country of Mauritius is home to a light rail transportation system known as Mauritius Metro Express, which only operates in a limited capacity. It travels through five of the island’s most important urban areas, including Port Louis, Curepipe, Vacoas, and Rose Hill, as well as Quatre Bornes.

To go around the city in parts of Mauritius that are not essential areas or city centres, one will need to take a taxi rather than the tram.

Strategies to follow

Acquiring License

If an advertisement in the press solicits applications for taxi licenses and you satisfy the requirements outlined in the Ad, then and only then can you apply for a taxi license. But, first, visit the National Transport Authority (NTA) to obtain the application form.

Bring your national identity card, your certificate of birth, your taxi driving license, and a recent photograph of yourself in passport size. You also need to bring other documents, namely a drawing identifying the area of your house and a CEB or CWA bill or phone bill confirming your residence address.

Establishing Rates

Determining how much money you’ll need to get the taxi service off the ground is a critical part of the planning process. First, consider the car(s) you want to buy. Local automobile dealerships are worth investigating if you’re looking for a used vehicle, or you may locate a taxi unit for around $US15, 000 (approximately 660,026 Mauritian rupees). Financing may be an option to explore if you’re looking to avoid making a sizable down payment on a new purchase.

Consider including any necessary add-ons, routine maintenance, and fleet storage in the price. Budget for insurance and registration fees if you want to have at least the legally required amount of commercial and automobile coverage.

Things to consider

After you and your riders have settled on the ideal cars for your taxi service, you should consider additional gear items.

The standard starting rate for a tourist taxi in Mauritius depends on the distance you will travel, and taxi fares are tracked mechanically by taxi meters.

Roof light: Install a roof light (sometimes called a cab light and top light) on your cars so that customers know when they are ready for pickup.

Investigate collaborating with a supplier who serves the taxi sector to get the following things and any others you may require.

Taxi dispatching systems are essential because they can automatically plan and schedule routes for your drivers.

Providing Discounts

The tourism rate in Mauritius is relatively high. Therefore, advertising specifically to visitors might be fruitful. Coupons and other promotional pricing effectively attract new business and keep regulars returning. Most consumers (80%) routinely use discounts offered by coupon websites.

The vast majority (90%) of those who use coupons end up returning to the store. By sending a text message or updating the app itself, you may inform customers about currently available specials. You may also publicize these sales on your website and other online forums.

You may also hand out fliers, vouchers, and pamphlets to promote your taxi booking app. In addition, companies often anticipate their forecasted revenue from customers who utilize discounts or promotions.

How do customers avail taxis in Mauritius?

You can call to book a taxi Mauritius or wait for one at a taxi stand to take you to your destination, whether a store, hotel, restaurant or tourist site. You may hail a taxi from anywhere on the island, including major retail areas, major bus terminals, and even outside most hotels.

Before your trip, you may reserve a taxi in Mauritius to ensure prompt service and a regular travel rate. In addition, you may avoid standing in Mauritius’s hot, bright weather by scheduling your cab in advance. Taxis are available for reservation through a variety of services.

The whereabouts of specific taxi drivers are displayed on the sides of their cars. Consequently, keep an eye out for, while hailing a taxi cab. Even if the cab has a meter, you should still try to haggle the rate before you get in. To learn more about where to locate a shared cab, inquire at your hotel’s front desk. In addition, you may check that the taxi driver follows the correct route using a navigation app on your phone.